"If you want to learn to surf then it's a good idea to learn the lingo, that way you can talk the talk while you walk the walk and surf the surf!"

Here is the start of a list of the most common surfing terms. Discuss them with your mates and make up some of your own surfing words too!

* "See if you can spot the odd words out. They don't have anything to do with surfing but they are so cool i just had to add them anyway haha!!"

A-frame- a perfect barrelling wave.

Amped- the feeling of being really excited about going for a surf.

ASP- this stands for the Association of Surfing Professionals. This is the body who runs the surfing world tour, the biggest surfing competition in the world.

Barrel- the inside of the curl of the wave, also called the 'tube'.

Backside- no not that thing attached to your lower back, backside is riding a wave with the wave at your back or behind you.

Beach break- a wave that breaks over a sand bottom.

Board- surfboard, can also mean bodyboard, paddleboard, skateboard, wakeboard, snowboard, skimboard, kiteboard etc.

Boardshorts/ boardies- quick drying, lightweight, colourful shorts designed for surfing during summer or whenever the water is warm. Not only for surfing!

Boogie board- a fun lay-down thing to ride in super gnarly, hollow waves. Ok to learn to surf on, but remember surfing becomes even more fun when you learn to stand up!

Bottom turn- the turn made at the bottom of the wave after dropping in. Also done after coming down the face and and great for setting up your position for your next move.

Carve- to turn your board in nice arcs along the face of the wave.

Chill out- relax

Chillax- to chill out/ relax

Chilli- a hot, spicy thing that grows in your vegie patch.

Choppy- when the seabreeze is in and the ocean is bumpy.

Close-out- a wave that doesn't peel along, it breaks all at the same time. These are not the ones which we like to surf on.

Cutback- to do a turn off the top of the wave all the way around until you are facing in the opposite direction back towards where the wave is breaking.

Ding- a dent or hole in your surfboard.

Dog- man's best friend. Just like Gypsea-dog, they like to wait on the beach while we surf. Only allowed at dog beaches.

Drop in- catching a wave and beginning your ride. Also the term for someone who takes off in front of the person who is already riding the wave, not a nice thing to do!

Duck-dive- pushing your knee down on your board and pointing the nose down to 'duck' under an approaching wave. Requires practice.

Dude- a cool person just like you!

Dumper- same as close-out.

Epic- surf when it is at its best.

Fin- the 3 curved bits on the bottom of your surfboard, they help it to turn and do all sorts of amazing things.

Firing- when the surf is going off!!

Glassy- when the ocean's surface is smooth and there isn't any wind.

Gnarly- this means awesome, extreme, risky and challenging, and it means skilful too, that's what you'll be if you go surfing everyday.

Goofy foot- surfing with your right foot at the front of your board. Often these people are left-handed too, but not always, go figure!?

Green room- a beautiful place inside the tube of the wave. It looks nice and it sounds nice too, very special indeed!

Grommet- a young surfer, skateboarder or any kid who loves board riding and extreme sports, kids like Gnarly grom Marley and you too!

Gun- a big surfboard ridden by brave people in big waves.

"Alright that'll do, i'll add more later when the surf goes flat. But for now enough chillaxing, the ocean is glassy and the surf is firing! I'm gonna grab my gun and go and carve the tunnel point a-frames!!"