About Marley

gnarly [na'arlee] a. this means awesome; extreme; risky and challenging; and it means skilful too, that's what you'll be if you go surfing every day.

grom n. short for grommet; a young surfer, skateboarder or any kid who loves board riding and extreme sports; kids just like me.

marley n. that's my name; just like Bob Marley (he was a famous Jamaican reggae dude)... yeah, that's who my Mum and Dad named me after.

Gnarly grom Marley is a little surfie grom who really loves to surf.

Like most Aussies Marley lives near the coast so he gets to spend heaps of time at the beach with his dog Gypsea playing and exploring and always discovering new things.

He is such an outgoing and adventurous little grommet, with Gyps by his side they never cease to find amazing stuff to do, places to go and people to meet.

When you are always on the lookout for fun and are full of excitement about life and everything that's in it, the whole world becomes a giant playground. Around every corner awaits a new experience, and experiences are the one thing that kids really learn from.

Gnarly grom Marley takes kids on an awesome journey where they experience surf culture and learn about our environment and together they discover all of the joy and magic that there is on offer.

We too were grommets once, now as parents we look back with fond memories on our own grommethood not so long ago. Well just like back then, there is still no better feeling, so what better now than sharing the stoke and the surfing lifestyle with our own budding grommets!

Experience. Surf. Culture... with Gnarly grom Marley™

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